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Colin McVey
Principal Investigator
Structural Virology Lab,
ITQB Antonio Xavier UNL,
Av. da Republica, EAN
Apartado 127
+351 21 4469663
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FCT Principal Investigator


Colin McVey is Principal Investigator of the Structural Virology Group in the Macromolecular crystallography Unit at the Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ITQB-UNL). He received both his BSc (Hons) degree in biochemistry and M.Med.Sc in Clinical Laboratory Medicine from The Queen's University of Belfast, and his DPhil from the Protein Structure Group (Supervisor Prof. Keith Wilson), Department of Chemistry, University of York, UK. He began his post-doctoral research as a Wellcome Trust Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology (Dr. Dale Wigley), University of Oxford and subsequently in the Department of Virology (Prof. Geoff Smith), Imperial College London. His interests lie in the structural and functional basis of protein-protein interactions with emphasis on structural and biophysical characterization of the proteins involved in viral latency and modulation.


2007Medalha Municipal de Mérito - Grau Ouro, Gold medal awarded by the municipal of Oeiras

2008Prémio Câmara Pestana, (Instituto Câmara Pestana and GlaxoSmithkline) award acknowledges the best scientific work in microbiology in Portugal.

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